A SaaS platform designed to manage and optimize all aspects of green projects through the entire value-chain.

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Take your green project from idea, through public fundraising to a complete business with the following features


set up a fundraising goal to allow prospective investors to invest directly into your project, instantly


easily keep in touch with your investors and suppliers. From bulk communication to shared documents

Progress Tracking
Progress tracking

keep investors up to date on your progress by tracking milestones

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management

manage suppliers, deliverables and invoice payments directly from your project dashboard

Svart Hotel


Miris AS utilise the MIRIS X platform to raise funding and manage the project lifecycle for their real estate and technology projects across Norway.

Each project has a carbon budget and all activities around the project are tracked against this benchmark. It’s a fully transparent view on where investor money is going and how it’s contributing to sustainable assets that grow in value.


Sustainability at its core

Fundraising made easy - MIRIS X  manages all financial flows, from fundraising right through to all contracted activities for which payments to external contractors are required.

A key focus on sustainability - in addition to managing financial and operational flows such as fund raising, project financial budgeting and supplier payments, the MIRIS X platform allows project managers to incorporate a carbon budget into each project. This lets you accurately track the carbon emissions product from each task in the project lifecycle.

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