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For further information contact support@miris.no


Who is MIRIS?

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MIRIS is a Scandinavian real estate and technology company. Their vision is a world in which everyone lives and works in buildings that produce more energy than they use. To contribute to this vision, they’re issuing the Green Bond and managing the investment in sustainable projects. Visit the MIRIS website to read more.

Who is MIRIS X?

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MIRIS X is a next generation funding platform for capital intensive projects that are environmentally sustainable and profitable.

How do I know the projects are really sustainable?

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MIRIS uses a strict Green Finance Framework to select, track and report on projects. This framework sets out that all funds will be used in ways that benefit the environment. It’s also verified by an independent third-party company called Cicero, Norway’s leading climate research body.


How do I invest?

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Simply sign up on the MIRIS X platform, provide the necessary KYC documentation and deposit funds into your wallet. After you have completed these steps, you can browse all active projects on the platform. From there investing is as simple as picking a project that suits your requirements and choosing how much you would like to invest. Depending on the project, different investments may pay interest monthly, quarterly or at maturity.

What does it mean that the bond is secured?

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Security means that there are assets that can be sold to pay you back your money if the bond fails. In the case of the MIRIS Green Bond, the physical assets are the land that MIRIS has bought to build on, the construction materials, the buildings themselves and cash in their bank account.

To make sure that MIRIS can’t sell more bonds than the assets they have, a ratio called Loan to Value (LTV) is used. For the Green Bond, there is an LTV of 75%, this means that MIRIS can only sell bonds for up to 75% of the value of their assets. An international 3rd party auditor will audit the assets and their values to make sure they’re never inflated above market value.


How do I withdraw my money?

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Interest payments and cash in your wallet can be withdrawn at any time. If you are currently invested in a project you will first need to sell your investment on the open marketplace for cash before it can be withdrawn.

What currencies does MIRIS X support?

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At the moment we are only accepting funding in NOK, EUR and USD. We will be adding support for more currencies in the future.

How do I get to track progress as it happens?

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MIRIS X monitors the supply chain of the whole project. This means that as funds from your investment are spent, the materials and building that they are spent on is tracked. You can even watch this happen in real-time - progress is tracked and updated on a live 4D model using software called Synchro Pro. It’s a fully transparent view on where your money is going and how it’s contributing to an asset that grows in value.

What is a bond?

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A bond is a way to participate in lending money to a company. When a company or government needs to raise funds, instead of borrowing from a bank, they can issue bonds. Many individual investors – and some companies – buy these bonds and together, this raises the money the company or government needed. This is also why there is often a very high minimum investment.

If a company needs €100 million to build new factories, it might make the minimum investment €2 million. Bonds have set terms. There is a set interest rate, which will vary depending on the type of bond, and it’s often compounded, meaning you earn interest on your interest. There’s also a time frame in which the company must pay the initial investment money back to the investors who bought the bonds (this is called the principal) as well as the interest that was set out in the bond agreement (the extra money your investment made).