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MIRIS operates in Norway, one of the world's most stable economies, with a AA rating from Dun & Bradstreet. Both our sustainability rating and financial status are transparent and objectively measured.

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A well-established and transparent company

Every investment has risk, but this is how we're protecting your money

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Secured payouts

The MIRIS Green Bond is issued by the parent company against cash, shares or other directly owned assets. So even if a project is unsuccessful, MIRIS as a whole is responsible for the pay out.
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Safe and governed

MIRIS operates within the NorwegianPublic Limited Companies Act and uses an independently verified Green Finance Framework to select, track and report on projects.
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See how we're doing

We encourage you to read the Investor Memorandum and supporting documents to learn more about the company but here is the key information about how we are rated in sustainability and financial standing.

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Green Rating

Cicero has rated MIRIS and its Finance Framework as Medium Green after assessing various aspects of the business.

Green Building

Pollution Preventing
and Control

Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management

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Energy Efficiency

Renewable Energy

Clean Transportation

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Medium Green

Dark Green



Brown is allocated to projects and solutions that are in opposition to the long-term vision of a low carbon and climate resilient future.

Light Green

Light Green is allocated to projects and solutions  that are climate friendly but do not represent or contribute to the long-term vision. These represent necessary and potentially significant short-term GHG emissions reductions, but need to be managed to avoid extension of equipment lifetime that can lock-in fossil fuel elements. Projects may be exposed to the physical and transitional climate risk without appropriate strategies in place to protect them.

Medium Green

Medium Green is allocated to projects and solutions that represents steps towards the long-term vision, but are not quite there yet. Fossil-fuelled technologies that lock in long term emissions do not qualify for financing. Physical and transition climate risks might be considered.

Dark Green

Dark Green is allocated to projects and solutions that correspond to the long-term vision of a low carbon and climate resilient future. Fossil- fuelled technologies that lock in long-term emissions do not qualify for financing. Ideally, exposure to transactional and physical climate risk is considered or mitigated.

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Financial Rating

D&B does a daily creditworthiness rating of the company.

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